Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. Achieve Efficient Right-Angle Sortation With ProSort MRT
The ProSort MRT family of sorters is specifically designed to handle medium sized product and is capable of high throughput rates. The ProSort MRT 90° makes use of multiple narrow belts to transport items. It is equipped with right-angle rollers that rise between the belts to divert items off the unit and is designed for dual-sided diverting. With the ProSort MRT 30° wheels rise between the belts to transfer items at 30 degree angles for increased rates. The sorters are designed with individual pneumatic take-ups for consistent belt tensioning and are equipped with the HyPower distributed cabling system. Applications include but a re not limited to quality control stations, manual palletizing, automated and robotic palletizers, and value-added workstations.


  • High-sort rates
  • 2 optional divert angles
  • 1 in wide flexproof araminde belt
  • Plug-N-Go® Wiring
  • High-efficiency gearmotor
  • ProLogix® & ProLogix Plus controls
  • Close divert centers
  • HyPower distributed cable system
  • Load weight up to 75 lbs
  • Capable of 350 FPM
  • Flexible divert locations
  • Dual-sided 90° divert


To learn more about Hytrol's ProSort MRT, download the
Product Focus Sheet.

Download ProSort MRT Product Focus Sheet